Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spending Again

We had a visit to Headingley.  We got rid of a lot of surplus books to a charity shop and had a nice breakfast.  Bear had eggs with soldiers.  It was looking promising for breakfast battles, until he decided it made his head ache.  I suspect the cold has well and truly got into his ears and sinuses which is giving him headaches, so I shall hold it in reserve.

Bear did get a joke book, two Doctor Who books and a Cyberman from the charity shop.  I am trying to have less in the house but bear definitely deserved a treat.  Apart from being generally lovely he also had been mentioned in the Special Book in Assembly at school and actually told us about it!

We called into Makro on the way back.  I could do with one of those supermarket apps on my phone.  I don't intend to use my phone for shopping, but it would help if I was going around Makro if I could compare their prices with the supermarket, as well as adding the VAT on.  Makro is a wholesalers, so should in theory be less expensive.  However I have noticed that quite often the big supermarkets have better deals.  You really do need to be so careful when shopping.  Even buying in bulk isn't always cost effective!

Today I spent over £50.  This is a lot of money.  I made two impulse buys.   I bought 36 rolls of kitchen roll at a very reasonable price, as I was running out anyway.  Even allowing for smallish rolls and fragile paper it was a good deal at £4.99 + VAT.  I also bought two doormats of middling quality for £1 each.  I think the lady on the desk was instructed to suggest them.  They are great for inside and outside the bottom door.  I deliberately bought 400 bin liners.  I have had them before, they are really strong and tough and work out at @ 6p each (allowing for VAT - I used a calculator).  I also got my white vinegar £2.99 for 5 l which is the best price I have found at the moment.  Tesco must be noticing the demand for white vinegar - they have their distilled vinegar at 49p for just over half a litre, or @ £4.80 for 5 l.  I skipped the dishwasher tablets as I still had some left and I couldn't get the price I wanted, but a sonic screwdriver sort of accidentally slipped in the trolley as we went around.  Add in a tub of sweets for a friend and it was a quick in and out.

This afternoon is bear time.  I am looking forward to it.

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