Tuesday, 3 September 2013

On pins

I have literally just been on pins.

I found a third sewing machine that I don't remember ever getting.  I am fairly confident that this was given to me as a guilt free way of getting rid of a sewing machine even though everyone knows that I am scared of sewing machines and I was fourteen the last time I successfully used one.  It was massively heavy.  I started staggering downstairs with it and I was really worried I wouldn't make it.  It was the sort of heavy that gives you a headache lifting it.

I was thinking about freecycle as suggested by Witch Hazel.  I couldn't in all conscience advertise it as more than an extremely heavy probably rusty relic, then one of the thingies at the bottom that kept the case closed gave way.  Looking back I wasn't surprised.  However it crashed down the stairs and exploded.  Not only was the extremely heavy machine in the case but also a box of pins that scattered all over the landing carpet right outside the bathroom.  It took a while picking them up.

So I think I will spend a bit of time recovering now and the machine bits can go to the tip - in the right box of course.

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