Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Today is Better

Today has been a lot better, I've been limping around.  I have eaten chocolate so all is well in my world.

I have a backlog of housewifery.  The Blog with the Rude Words suggests this week a challenge of clearing one surface per day.  I may go for that, starting tomorrow.

I am also quite pleased because I was considering doing an order with Tescos and I can't really get enough together for a decent delivery.  I am fully stocked with good value, good quality veg, fruit and meat.  However my next challenge is bear's desperate desire for a proper dessert.  After tonight's training at martial arts I think apple crumble is looking very likely indeed.  He has run, jumped, sat up, pressed up, punched, kicked and shouted.  Apple crumble would be his just desserts.

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