Friday, 29 March 2013

New Potato recipe

I found a new potato recipe on the MSE old style board, originally posted by MRSMCAWBER.  I was looking for fennel recipes but I found this.  You put the peeled potatoes in a roasting tin and then add two cups of water, 1/4 cup of olive oil and the juice of one or two lemons.  I sliced about 3lb of potatoes really thin and put them in the remoska and then added the ingredients.  They took a long time to cook, I think in future I will stir more regularly or leave in bigger chunks and I will add half of the water though the same amount of oil and perhaps include the lemon zest and some parsley.  We quite often get lemons in the fruit box so that is a good way to use them.  I may also do them in the mini oven as well rather than the remoska.

We had these with battered frozen pollock and mushy peas.  I sort of lost the will after slicing all the potatoes.  Bear was poorly so much last night I am almost nodding off as I type.  However he has recovered enough to force down a value chocolate mousse.  To be fair they aren't that rich.  I am more worried by my complete inability to get him to take in any liquid.

I am craving alcohol.  I daren't in case I am up again in the night.  I may substitute chocolate.  Lots and lots and lots of chocolate.


Morgan said...

MrsMcawber used to post some really useful recipes but she seems to have left MSE or at least I haven't seen any of her posts for ages.

Hope you have a restful Easter break and that Bear recovers soon xxx

Wannabe Sybil said...

I remember seeing quite a few of her posts, but I don't browse much there myself these days. Bear is better and gearing up for chocolate. You and yours are still in my prayers, stay warm and safe WS xxx