Saturday, 1 January 2011

Huge Victory

Approved Foods were sending a free case of marshmallows with their orders. Little bear loves marshmallows, he really loves marshmallows, he loves four.

So I had a look and I thought, yes I could use this, yes I could use that. Then I stopped and thought. The house is full of sugary things. I have stacks and oodles and masses of rice, noodles, soups etc. I HAVE NO ROOM!

So I logged off and didn't buy anything.

I cannot tell how pleased and proud I am to have resisted this. Not buying stuff in the first place is hugely clutterbusting, when it is something I don't need.

It almost makes up for the randomly purchased yarn over the holidays, around 500g. It could be worse. The case of marshmallows was over 2kg!


Morgan said...

Happy New Year!!

I would also like to learn to crochet so if you find any CLEAR instructions in a book or on the internet, please share!


Ian said...

I'm very, very proud of you for not buying stuff you don't need from Approved Foods! Well done!