Friday, 7 January 2011


I am putting up a new box in the sidebar, for my own encouragement. I am going to mark when I start and when I finish a project. Finishing means sewing in all the ends (which I loathe) and there are many scarves that require that, so if you see a big jump I have not suddenly speed knitted a dozen sweaters.

Last night I finished a scarf FOR ME and then started another, which is the 100g I picked up after physio. It is chunky, knitted on 8mm needles, and is a skinny thing of 15 stitches in broken rib. The colour means that it may appeal to the masculine as it is brown, cream and charcoal.

Next in my sights is the little sleeveless hoodies I started for little bear in November, one of which I have almost finished and I know that the other will take only a little while to do.

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Morgan said...

Good idea - and an incentive to get some completed so that you can add to the tally - I like it!!