Tuesday, 4 January 2011

12 Step Programme

I want to start a new project. Last time I mentioned projects on here I said that there were six outstanding just behind my chair and not counting others upstairs. That was incorrect, there were actually seven. But I want to start a new one and it is making my fingers itch.

I have subscribed to The Art of Crochet. It comes out at intervals, costs a fortune and includes one 25g ball of yarn per magazine. I opened the first one, and hallelujah! For the first time ever, in issue one, I could understand how to make a crochet stitch. I was doing really well. Then things got in the way and I never opened another. I did, however, keep getting them from the newsagent. Today I have started actually getting my act together enough to put the damn thing in the folder - I hadn't even opened No 2, let alone used the yarn. I am now up to issue 51. Of course I can't find the issue 1 that was so brilliant.

However (and there is always a 'however' with me) that means I have 51 balls of sort of vintage coloured yarn. I don't want to make the throw that they suggest. It would not get used but could be happened to by evil cat. On the other hand, I think a throw knitted, just one ball to a row, would be lovely. Sigh. I really want to do it. I really really want to start it. I need cheering up. It's that or chocolate. And a new project isn't as fattening.

So I need a 12 step programme to stop me starting new projects. Also I will let you know when I start this new one - it is currently 15.33 on 3 Jan 2011 local time. I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I also will log when I finish it. If I remember.

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Ian said...

How to crochet for beginners videos on YouTube:


Word of warning - this is American and they call the various stitches by different names. An English double or treble crochet is different from an American one.

Hmmm. I wonder why you never finish your projects? However, unfinished projects are a source of stress in a number of ways.

First, they clutter up the place as you know.

Second, you get stressed and feel guilty because every time you see it you think, "oh I really ought to finish that".

Third, you never get the boost to your self-esteem of the joy of achieving a goal and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a project.

Here endeth the pop-psychology. :D