Saturday, 8 January 2011

More knitting

Okay, I put aside the chunky broken rib scarf to make a twirly neck warmer type thingy - very pretty. It's in some of the wool that I bought over Christmas.

Normally I try and keep purchases below 1p per gramme (getting harder these days) and this was the most amazing electric blue boucle stuff, suggested needles are 9mm and it was made in Pudsey, where I used to live! That yarn factory has long since gone and Argyll Zoom probably did it no favours, it is an evil yarn to use. This may do a lot to explain the price.

So I finished the twirly neck warmer (will try and get a pic next week) and then tried another bit, I have 200g of the Zoom left. I am thinking along the lines of stole.

Another blast from the past was a knitting pattern book I purchased (comfort shopping doesn't really help) which arrived a few days ago. There is the most amazing looking sweater which I love, knitted in Hayfield Saxon. Well, I have never seen the yarn, ebay hasn't got any and a brief google drew a blank. I know it was a pure wool yarn, as it was in a pure wool knitting brochure, produced by British Wool (or something similar, like the Milk Marketing Board for wool, I think) and it was around in 1978, when the book was produced.

Normally when I see a yarn I don't recognise, or more usually see a yarn I can't afford, I look at the tension and needle size to get an idea of what to substitute with. However this was the days of Odd Pin knitting and the creation, which looks brilliant, is knitted on one 5mm and one 10mm knitting needle, the welts with 6mm needles. I am guessing around about an aran, or perhaps a chunky. Regardless, it can wait. I have a lot more I want to finish before that.

(unless of course I come across a mysterious stash of Hayfield Saxon in just the right quantity...)

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