Thursday, 6 January 2011

Another thing through the post

Today I have received (apart from the coat hangers) 500g of yarn that I couldn't resist, some antimacassars and a knitting pattern. The knitting pattern I really REALLY want to do, it looks amazing, but complicated in ways I am not used to. It is a huge, batwinged, long length sweater starting with one colour on one sleeve and finishing on another colour at the other sleeve, and it has around 11 colours. It is hopelessly unfashionable, I haven't done much colour work and I am not sure the largest size will fit but it calls to me.

I am going to pin it up next to the chair to use as an incentive to finish off projects before starting that. Also, I always feel depressed when I finish a project - no idea why, but I need to beat that.

The most treacherous thing that arrived today was - the Lakeland catalogue with a £5 voucher off! It is sitting in the corner, ticking.

And repeat - I HAVE NO ROOM!


Morgan said...

Throw the Lakeland catalogue straight in the bin - NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wannabe Sybil said...

Morgan - but I have £5 off.... lol WS x

Morgan said...

You still have to spend to GET the £5 off - and that means more Clutter!! ;-)

Come on over to and save some dosh - I am loving this forum now that I have found it! It makes you think twice about spending my DD1 would say, "S'all good!"

Wannabe Sybil said...

I'll meet you there (with guilty expression and hiding a knitting magazine behind my back). WS x