Sunday, 9 January 2011

Meal planning

On from the veggie box idea, I need to try approaching meal planning again. Darling father is particularly addicted to takeaways, and neither myself nor OH can really afford the additions to our waistlines. Besides, when little bear hears a knock on the door and gleefully announces, 'Dinner's here!' then we could do with a rethink.

However every time I have tried meal planning I have managed to get two days in, then life happens. But I need to do something. There are a lot of ingredients in the kitchen. And our freezer is stuffed with quite an assortment of goodies. Our fridge is currently brimming.

I am considering a pattern - Sun - roast, Mon - cold meat & veg, Tues - casserole, Weds - casserole reinvented/storecupboard surprise, Thurs - veggie/storecupboard surprise, Fri - Fish n chips from the excellent local chippy, Sat - burger/sausage. Now that I am feeding adult food to little bear and also feeding darling father then it is worth doing a lunch that will use up eg scraps of bacon, meat, etc. Also I do casserole + reinvented casserole quite well, though I say so myself.

I'm not starting this week.


Hardup Hester said...

Hi Sybil, I don't meal plan as such, I keep in what I call my building blocks, this means I know I can make any of our standard meals without going to the shops.
Another popular way is to do roast on Sunday, leftovers Monday, pasta Tuesday, rice on Wednesday etc, this way you don't get to midweek & realise you've had pasta 5 days on the trot, lol.

Witch Hazel said...

Hi Sybil
Following on from Hester's advice re building blocks - When I meal plan, I look at what veggies etc I have, and then plan around that, I normally plan for a week's meals...but I don't worry bout havig a specific meal on a specific day (I start with that, as you have to start with something). But if we get to - say - Monday and I don't fancy what's on the Plan, I just make one of the other days' meals instead. If I get to the end of the week and I still haven't eaten Monday's meal, then I know that it wasn't a good addition to the Plan and I don't put it on again.

Wannabe Sybil said...

These are both extremely good ideas. I will be taking a lot of this on board - I want to avoid takeaways every night!

Also little bear is currently going through a fussy stage - more glitter may be needed! WS x