Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Operation Clutterbust 13

I have already got rid of a lot of kitchen gadgets that do a task that is just as easy with a knife, if cleaning the dratted gadget is taken into account.

Today I peeled some carrots and parsnips (roasted in the Remoska). I have a little three cornered grey sink tidy that I have had for at least ten years and probably longer. I have watched my mother and grandmother solemnly peel potatoes into similar sink tidies, plastic with holes in the bottom. For my grandmother it made sense. Most of her veggies had soil on, and she peeled and rinsed in the sink, tipping the water + peelings through the sink tidy so that the water could go down the drain and the peelings could go on the compost heap.

However I buy most of my veggies from the supermarket and even the ones from the corner shop and the market are usually washed. I sit down at a table to peel potatoes, I don't stand at a sink. So why do I have an item to just put peelings in?

The sink tidy is now in the bin. When I sit down to peel potatoes I can just as easily put the peelings in a basin that also works for beating eggs, soaking lentils, etc.

I think I shall start a collection of Clutterbust mottoes. Including - don't own any item that only does one job which can be done just as easily with a different, multipurpose item. It's not very snappy, but I shall try and keep remembering it.

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