Sunday, 9 January 2011

Shopping is not the same as making a decision

I have been looking at the Abel and Cole website. I have been considering carefully whether I want to order a weekly veg box. The price isn't as good as the non organic market stuff, but if it is fresh and seasonal that means a lot. Also I am available on their delivery days.

I could look at nutrition, organic produce, green issues, air miles, etc. But shamefully I am aware of what is driving me. An intense and burning desire to have something other than the usual round of carrot, potato and onion. A spurt of inspiration beyond the frozen mixed veg that usually gets dished up, delivered weekly. I don't have anything about trying new veggies, I just don't know what to try! But I need to get away from the frozen peas.

So I may just look on their website, see what I can get off that list in the market and take it from there. If I am not in an experimental mood, we have the frozen mixed veg. I need to work within my limits, and on bad days all that would happen is that a large quantity of food would rot.

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