Thursday, 20 January 2011

Don't shop when tired

Cold meat and how to disguise it arrived with an Amazon order today. It is by hunter davies and isn't what I thought it was, more anecdotal and historical, not recipes.

As did 'forme of cury' which again wasn't quite what I expected...

Memo to self - do not go on Amazon when exhausted.

Feel so tired I want to cry. However little bear is eating porridge happily, so all is well there.

Fortunately (I think) it is incredibly hard these days to get yarn for less than 1p per gramme inclusive on ebay, and unless it is for something actually definitely wanted then I am not buying. That has saved me from some serious purchases.

Also, why did I buy a book on mug hugs?

I tried having a nap earlier but little bear found his way on to YouTube, and I don't feel comfortable about that. I don't mind him browsing - but I need to be watching!

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