Saturday, 15 January 2011


I've finished the scarf for little bear, he will look a darling.

Actually, he always looks a darling to me, and he will enjoy wearing the scarf because he asked for it and he got it.

Immediately cast on another scarf, with some 'new' yarn that has just come this morning - memo to self, never, ever, ever buy boucle again no matter how inexpensive!

I have updated to show I have started another item but not finished little bear's scarf, as I haven't finished off the tail thread. I usually knit the casting on thread into the knitting, as my sort of knitting doesn't usually show it, but I still have to finish off the cast off thread. I am being really strict with myself about this as I have many, many things that just need a thread or two snipped, and I am not letting myself get away with it.

Little bear is much better and was shamelessly indulged when my brother and his friend came to visit - bearing gifts, many of which from darling uncle.

The gifts include a huge, double layer, double size fleece with a tiger on it. I don't know exactly when this will fit into little bear's sleeping arrangements, but I am sure it will be appreciated as it is lovely and cosy. However he currently sleeps under a duvet, a cosy pad and a hand knitted blanket that is surprisingly warm - until he kicks them off, obviously. I am considering my options.

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Ian said...

I have a matching scarf and hat for LB here! An LFC one as well. Which will make Darling Father happy at least. :D