Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bee careful

I got a delivery from Approved Foods today. I know, but it was quite a lot of small stuff, small oaty snack things, creamola that little bear is currently demanding, sensitive fairy liquid at 99p (and finding sensitive fairy liquid has been a revelation to me, and much, much easier on my hands).

When the delivery man was handing over the box he felt something drop onto his neck and then onto the floor. It was a bee! I explained that some people have bats in the belfry but I have bees in the chimney, and it may have been sleeping by the lights.

After he had left the bee was groggily wandering about the doormat. I didn't want to keep the bee in (evil cat and little bear), I can't bring myself to kill a bee unless it is really serious, and I felt bad about turfing it out into the unseasonably mild January weather. However that is what I did. I coaxed it onto a piece of paper and then gently placed it on the top step before shutting the door. I hope it finds a good shelter, there are a few cracks in the brickwork so it may be okay.

I'd bet half a dollar that we have bees in the chimney again.

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