Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Must stop starting

I could do with a bookmark for myself. I have stashed a book in the bathroom, reading a page or so at a time. A bookmark would be useful, and I plan to try and use the time to catch up on my reading.

The obvious way is to get a bit of old envelope. That would be completely effective. However, being me, my solution was to go on ebay, buy a cross stitch bookmark kit and start it. At the same time buying another bookmark kit to make for a friend and a minature of a dog for one of my brothers.

So I have altered my 'started/finished' box.

[while typing this little bear came in and reduced the volume on the computer as I am listening to Classic FM - he wanted to hear the tv]

I have so many cross stitch kits, some still in the packet, others started. Now little bear is getting a bit older I can go back to that, and I really do enjoy it. I just need to finish some stuff.

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