Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mega anti clutterbust

Today we visited darling father and brought back some things.

It must be really hard for him, getting rid of so much stuff. Things that he has valued and wanted enough to keep are going to be left behind. Also I think he wants to have some value coming here - and he would be having anyway. This last week with no darling father meant no one to watch poorly little bear when I went out for medicine etc.

I have said a blanket 'yes' to cutlery, plates, cups etc. We have a just turned four year old, I am confident that we will find lots of uses for plates, if only just to hold paint. I have said a blanket 'yes' to all bedding - we can see how we use stuff here and sort as we go. Also cushions, pillows, cloths etc. Most of it, obviously, will come on the final move.

We brought back today some clothes, some bedding, some towels and the most amazing pictures. One is a really nice landscape, which I love. The other is an extremely large and vividly red framed picture displaying Liverpool FC's triumph in 2005 in Istanbul. Guess which one is likely to end up over the mantel piece?

There is not much furniture coming back. There is a chest of drawers to replace a very iffy one in darling father's room. There is a tumble dryer, which has to be useful, as it doesn't need plumbing in. And there is bed.

Little bear thinks this bed is wonderful. It is an electric bed where the head and foot move up and down. I think that little bear is assuming that this is going to be his favourite toy. I shall need to buy darling father a padlock for his door. If you could have seen the look of wonder and excitement as the pillows started slowly moving, it was like a slow realisation of great fun and games. Little bear said that the bed was a 'super cracking bed'.

I need to really push now to get things sorted, as little bear's exclamation of, 'we're going to move all this into our house!?' put a lot into perspective. We have no room before this stuff comes, and some of it is lovely and a lot of it is important to darling father. He is not being shut into a room, the whole house is his home, just the same as it is for everyone else. It may need some thought and planning, but it is definitely worth it.

Memo to self - research local people who can mend these dratted beds.

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Morgan said...

You have a wonderful and very welcoming attitude to your father - it is lovely to read of it. I hope all the moving gets accomplished without too much stress.

My dear uncle lives alone now in a 5 bedroom house, and when the time comes for him to leave it, to live elsewhere or otherwise, there is going to be an awful lot of sorting to go through, so I hope that we can have as practical an attitude when that time comes - hopefully not for many years yet!

He also has one of those beds, so I know just what you mean - I can so imagine LB having rides as it goes up and down!!