Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Definitely no catnip drops

After the catnip drops comes, well, second hand cat food. As in, evil cat has a poorly tummy and can't help herself. Actually, she has been soooo bad she has been sick on lino.

btw the quickest way to find cat sick in a kitchen is to go in with bare feet. When I am half asleep, the cat is going crackers for breakfast and little bear is demanding extra honey on cereal, I have no chance!

I am blaming the cat nip drops. She has been begging to go out so she can eat grass, but when I have opened the door she has just given me a 'you have got to be kidding - who turned off the fire' look and stalked back inside.

She is now sulking. As this means she isn't giving me problems, I can live with that.

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