Monday, 6 February 2012

Evil cat's test results

I picked up the test results of evil cat's urine sample - extracted under extreme duress and welding gloves.

It is very dilute. It is cloudy. It has a low ph. There are traces of blood. And yesterday OH noticed that she was now very, very, very thin. She also took one look at the snow, gave me the, 'you've got to be kidding' look and then came straight back inside. Her fur is getting that bit thinner.

Yesterday she nailed little bear. Well, when I say that she nailed him, little bear fell against the sofa where evil cat was sleeping and she gave him a generalised swipe. She then went back to sleep while little bear wailed and cried and generally gave the impression that he had lost a limb. I think it is because he was feeling poorly, but he was insistent he was bleeding lots and lots - just invisibly. There wasn't an obvious mark at the time, but now I can see a very, very fine line on his forehead near his hair and nowhere near his eyes. This may be as a result of the fussing rather than grumpy evil cat.

Poor old evil cat. We all know that tests are not the way forward, she would be desperately distressed by them and I am not sure how much could be done for such a spiky old lady. As she is curled up comfortably on a soft blanket in front of the fire, I don't think she is complaining too much. I shall keep her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

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