Monday, 6 February 2012

Poorly little bear

Little bear was up in the middle of the night with earache. Poor little man was so fed up. He came downstairs and slept with me, going absolutely out like a light after a hug, a fuss and a dose of calpol, to be wide awake and demanding at 6am.

I slept on the fold out on the floor. You would not believe how my joints are aching now. Regardless of the effects of the weather, a disturbed night's sleep has left me flattened. I was not looking forward to a day keeping little bear at home.

Little bear wasn't staying home. Little bear declared war - he wanted to go to school! I weighed it up as best as I was able. On the one hand, it was good that little bear went to school. He would catch up on his sleep tonight. If he was poorly then by tomorrow he would be obviously poorly enough to stay home. And I could perhaps steal a nap while he was out.

If he stayed at home he may prevent getting a really bad dose of earache, and I wouldn't have to go out in the snow. I am also terrified (irrationally) of going out in the snow - I've dislocated and sprained too many bits of me to want to risk a fall. And I know when he gets to school he is going to race around like a lunatic and not want to stay inside and the cold will not help his earache.

Little bear was insistent, so I tottered and slid with him to school, the few hundred yards total distance seeming like an endurance run. I am now waiting for a phone call from school, but to be fair he did seem fine this morning.

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