Thursday, 2 February 2012

Knot knitting

I should not be let loose near a yarn over needle. Honestly, one simple action, one tale of woe. All I was trying to do was a row of eyelet holes in a little jacket for Nice Mr Next Door's daughter. It's like spare stitches were raining down on the needle - mind you, little bear was supervising.

And I have put in my smallest ever order to Approved Food. Little bear can be bribed with marshmallows. They are not ideal, but are low fat. I have ordered a shed load, and a few other bits, but hardly anything, it came in at less than £30 and that included postage. All the things that I was tempted by, I could just imagine piling up on the work surface along with all the olives and the stuffing.

Also, need to not burn fish fingers. Little bear was disappointed in me.

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