Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Little bear is obviously catching up with some serious sleep. When he staggers downstairs in the morning his bed looks hardly slept in - he is just flaking out.

He still pushes his luck at night time. Last night OH was out, so little bear missed his usual round of stories with little bear and Dr Who rescuing the school from Sontarans and such so I thought I would let him have ONE extra story. Who was I kidding.

Little bear had brought home his new reading books. So he read carefully through all three. He always loses a bit of focus on the last one as he is tired but he enjoyed himself. (Green level, Rigby Rocket, no idea what that means). Then he insisted that he read his new library book, which actually was a compilation of six stories. I read that with a little help from him. And then little bear negotiated a final story. The final story turned out to be a collection of Kipper stories - four of them! He did pretty well.

But he did go to sleep pretty quickly, so it was worth it!

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