Friday, 3 February 2012

Teddy Bear of Doom

We have the class bear! I was given no chance to duck this, it has come home this weekend as a reward for little bear's good behaviour - I'm doomed!

Apparently all we need is a photo or two and a few sentences. I feel the responsibility. I could lose it (not impossible at all). Evil cat could happen to it (less likely, but not unimaginable). Darling father could paint it white (he's painted a lot of things white this week, mainly door frames). Anything could happen. I have never, ever wanted the class bear, the class pet or the class mascot home.

Too late.

I shall refer this firmly to OH.


ravylesley said...

Oh its fun!

Mine have brought the class Bear home a few times and we've had such fun taking him out with us over the weekend and photographing him on our travels.These are not posh days out but merely piccys of Bear on a Bus or Bear on the Park and we even had the Bear one weekend when it was snowy and we set up a shot with the bear in the snow complete with scarf and snowball in hand lol.So have fun and dont look at it as a chore but more as an opportunity for cheesy pics lol


Wannabe Sybil said...

Bah humbug - it's OH's opportunity for cheesy pictures. One is currently being taken with Mrs Dalek. And yes, plans are being made around snow. Please let it not get lost... WS x :)

Mermaid's Purse said...

At least it's not the case of a teenage daughter with a baby dolly (complete with car/travel seat) set to scream if it's not fed/changed/rocked at irregular times night and day for a week ......... been there, done that lol! First night daughter went somewhere (forget where now but it wasn't for long) and mum forgot what she had to do. Of course it's all computerised so teacher knows exactly what did or didn't happen.

Wean said...

could you send darling father over to my house please ?
I have tons of things that need painting white - or any colour for that matter !

Wannabe Sybil said...

Wean - it is not that long ago darling father was plastering the church! It is frightening how much fitter he is than me!

Mermaid's Purse - when I was carrying little bear, my main wish was healthy. By the time he gets to that age, they may (and should) do equal opportunities sleep deprivation with fake babies. I shall need serious help. How did you survive? Because mum always gets the blame.... lol WS x