Thursday, 26 January 2012

Evil cat has a nice fight

It was time for evil cat's check up. So the vet kindly came out to visit. I called Nice Mr Next Door in for reinforcements.

Evil cat initially regarded the stranger with suspicion, but was more concerned with the scraps of ham I had used to tempt her into the living room before shutting all the doors. And she suffered her eyes, ears and teeth being checked with no more than a token hiss. All is well and her teeth are really good for her elderly age.

When it came to trying to check heart, lungs, bladder and joints, however, it was a different story. Evil cat fought. She swore, spat, yowled, hissed, scratched and struggled. She turned herself inside out. She nearly got away again and again and again. She did not surrender! A small tabby, not much more than a kilo, or a bag of sugar, was taking on all comers with venom and determination.

Nice Mr Next Door was actually brilliant, he held her (I couldn't - she is so flexible!) and he was so good that the vet managed to insert a needle and get a urine sample. Evil cat redoubled her efforts to escape but it was no use - she got a vitamin shot and long lasting antibiotics as creaky, skinny old girls like her can be prone to infections.

The urine sample was very clear, which is not a good sign. Her kidneys are not getting better, but that is not expected. She may have a little hyperthyroidism, which would explain why she can trough three or four sachets of cat food, scraps of ham, scraps of chicken and steal shamelessly any time there is fish and still weigh less than a bottle of cola. But the hyperthyroidism helps balance her kidney problems, and she is still a feisty, assertive, determined bag of bones. I expect to be blogging about her for quite some time yet.

The old warrior is resting from battle on the sofa, looking grumpy. I gave the vet a box of Roses - it was the least I could do!


Wean said...

ha ha - I too have a cat from hell !
I'm glad EC is OK.

Wannabe Sybil said...

All cats are from hell, they can't help it - and they wouldn't stop even if they could help it. WS x