Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Meal plans

I didn't go out to day because there was a reasonable chance of snow and I could be going for some distance. I had planned to go out tomorrow to take the coat back when the weather forecast is better but now I am getting my Approved Food order delivered. The vet is visiting Thursday and the central heating boiler is getting serviced Friday. I shall have to return the coat by post - it is at least an hour each way to return the coat and time is running out.

So, time to rethink the food. Tonight is mince, because I had hoped to be able to give that to everyone but have a bath while everyone was eating, as I was supposed to be going out tomorrow and then I could have mine later, when little bear was in bed and OH and darling father were out. This is no longer necessary.

So, tonight is mince. The next time I see a deadline looming for dinner is Friday, so I could bung in a warming casserole then. I am just feeling soooo tired. However tomorrow, when I am hopefully a little less tired, I am going to excavate my cupboards and just make something out of there. I am also worried about some of the tins going rusty as nothing I seem to do stops the damp there. I may feel tired, but I am also feeling quite confident. And the cupboard needs emptying!

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