Wednesday, 25 January 2012

There is a job vacancy at a place I used to work. I could work the childcare (fingers crossed, pending poorly little bear etc).

But he would miss out on his martial arts and piano. I really don't want him to lose out on those. There must be ways around that. Perhaps a childminder instead of the out of school club on the day he does his martial arts plus re-jigging the piano.

I don't know that I could do it though - it has been a long time and they may not want me back at all. I am not sure I could cope. I am really not sure that I could cope - I loved the firm I worked for before, but it was very high pressure. The money would make a real difference, though.

Bottom line, I don't think I could cope. And that has just about broken my heart.


Morgan said...

Please don't feel bad about this. I think you have enough on your plate at the moment without thinking about going to work. Your health has to be your priority - yes, the money would help, but if it is going to cost you your health, it isn't worth it.

Hugs xxxx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Morgan - you are absolutely right. Today I am relatively okay, but a few days ago I felt I was crawling along the floor. I wish reality checks were nicer. Thank you for the hug - it really helped! WS x