Sunday, 29 January 2012

Meal planning fail

I have looked at the week ahead and considered my options, and reached a complete blank.

Today we were supposed to have lamb stew as I couldn't do the lamb stew yesterday as I needed to get little bear out of the house to give OH a break which meant I didn't really get time to set the stew off before I went out and I was not keen on leaving it in case OH forgot and it was too late when I got in. We had remoska potatoes, tinned ham and baked beans instead.

Today the lamb stew was ruled out as the freezing and defrosting of the lamb meant that it smelt a bit funny and looked a bit green and I still haven't forgotten the food poisoning before Christmas so I bunged in some cooking bacon that needed using up.

Interestingly, we have no more tinned ham or corned beef in the cupboard. We do have some sauces, including some condensed vegetable soup which was bought to be a cooking sauce but has never really been used. There is less diced meat in the freezer than I thought as well. The stocks are running down. However it is important for me not to stock up until I have actually seen the back of the cupboard. I will be buying in one more tin of corned beef, but no more, not even the ham. I have some smaller tins of chicken that will do at a pinch and which should be used up first.

One of the big things that I have stocked up on is cuppa soups. I use them in making casseroles and as a base for a proper soup with bits of food in. They don't really go off, not like meat or vegetables, but I think I shall have a look at some of the sell by dates and perhaps get rid of any that are seriously antique. I think I shall start having them for lunch as well. It will be an ideal solution - it will cost less than even a home made sandwich and possibly I will eat less calories.

Tomorrow is, I think, a vegetable pasta day. More than that I can't think.

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