Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Not at her time of life

My brother brought over a Cat Christmas stocking for evil cat on Sunday. OH is not really a fan of giving cats Christmas presents. He says that he will consider it when they start acting like Christians. All cat owners will know the chances of that

Evil cat half opened an eye at the tinkly balls and the fluffy mouse. She couldn't be bothered. Today I put down some of the catnip treats for her, I thought it would cheer her up.

It wasn't the best of successes. First of all she didn't actually eat any, but she did sniff them. Then she went absolutely loop the loop, hurtling round and being a complete lunatic. She was bounding up and down stairs, she was doing a handbrake turn around corners and the fluffy mouse was getting a real beating. It lasted for about ten, action packed, nail biting minutes. She is now grumpily sleeping it off. I think I may donate the rest of the catnip treats to Oscar next door. Not only would it be very funny to see such a dignified gentleman cat lose his composure, but evil cat's bones are a bit too old for this.


ravylesley said...

Awww Sybs you are such a party pooper! It sounds like Evil Cat had a whale of a time with the cat nip treats and you should let her eat them.After all it may be the only fun she has these days and might put a spring in her step even if it is only temporarily lol


Wannabe Sybil said...

Lesley - lol! I let her have the cat nip toys and she still does the occasional handbrake turn (v v funny) but she was absolutely disgusted at these treats in her dish (and high as a kite!) WS x