Monday, 30 January 2012

More and more knitting!

Mr Nice Next Door's daughter is having a little girl very soon, and has just asked me to knit some things for her as she can't find them in the shops.

So I have purchased a large quantity of pink yarn from Deramores, even more from a local yarn shop that I hadn't previously visited (but will again, it is the Wool Shop on Tong Road and it is lovely, bright, airy and inviting - the people are lovely there as well) and some top up patterns for the new style of baby clothes - before Nice Mr Next Door's daughter said she preferred the old style. So I've dug those out again.

I am looking forward to catching up some listening time with Classic FM and a large quantity of very pink. I am also knitting some scarves (pink) for her two older daughters, but I can rattle those off in one evening.

Of course, that puts off the jacket, but that put off finishing a sweater, and that put off finishing a slipover...



Morgan said...

I think that you will finish these for sure because they are for someone else!

I am the same and it has sparked a thought in me today: why would we not dream of letting someone else down by not coming through on something we have promised them, but we let ourselves down by not doing things for ourselves? I think it might be lack of self-esteem or not quite believing that "we're worth it" as the ad so famously says! What do you think?

Wannabe Sybil said...

Morgan - I think you may have something, and I do tend to think that it is more important to spend/do for others. On the other hand, it could be because I am flaky. WS x