Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blackbirds have been eating the cat treats

The cat treats had got soggy in the snow and the blackbirds were tucking in.  It is the first time I have ever seen them in the garden, but I may be putting out soggy cat treats later in the year in the hope that they will also attack the legions of slugs and snails that call our garden home.  And not just our garden.  A few yards away is a stretch of grass that in the right conditions is silver with slugs. 

I was terrified all morning that I would never see Strawberry again.  Fortunately she turned up after lunch and while I didn't let her in I did give her two pouches of very good quality cat food.

Evil cat has been a bit quiet.  She didn't beg for food until around 10am.  Normally she starts around 6am.  She also is very attached to the radiators.  I think the weather is affecting her.  I am making the most of it. 

Bear, after much coaxing, started his homework and then once he got into his stride he raced through it.  One of his new spellings is Mr.  I wonder how much of a pushy parent I should be?  Bear seems to be managing in all sorts of other ways, so I am not stressing - yet. 

The rubbish did not collected.  It has just changed days.  So not only do they have an extra helping of weather, but they have a new routine.  I shall be clearing up cat-attacked bin bags for months. 

I am not managing 'chirpy' today.  I may manage 'moving with a purpose'.  Still, it is only January.

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