Friday, 25 January 2013

Not stopping the shopping

I have decided to go with a Mr S delivery on Sunday.  Darling father brought in the very inexpensive tins of soup and I can save quite a bit on the honey etc.  I have a delivery of around £100 and savings on full price (which is actually misleading, but hey-ho) is just over £32. 

I actually booked a slot on each website to make sure I got it, and I haven't cancelled the one for Mr A yet.  Mr A has a reasonable deal on 1l Famous Grouse, which is darling father's favourite tipple, £17 instead of £24.99.  You can usually manage to get £20 for 1l of Famous Grouse somewhere, sometime each month, but £17 is a good deal and not as common.  So two bottles of that (and yes, they would easily get drunk in a month) would save the delivery charge.  Also Mr S doesn't do evil cat's favourite cat litter.  I am not a big fan of evil cat at the moment, as I ended up spending half of last night on the floor, but I don't have the heart to change her cat litter.  Some things are personal.

The deliveries could happen at the same time.  I wouldn't be mortified but OH would be home and he might. 

I shall have to have a think about this. 

I am seriously considering getting a veg box just so that I have a box which I have to do something with.  On the other hand, I have a watermelon that has been looking at me since Christmas and the pumpkin was an epic fail.  And on the third hand I get so bored with the same old veg but never know what to try, especially if I call into Morrisons in all its glory and they have some seriously exotic fruit and veg.  On the fourth hand, locally I can get carrots and sometimes leeks.  There are usually potatoes and onions.  This is not a varied selection.  On the fifth hand, I don't usually cook a varied selection and I'm not sure I have an audience for this varied selection.

I may be over thinking this. 


ravylesley said...

Sybs why did you spend half the night on the floor and what has it got to do with Evil Cat?


Wannabe Sybil said...

I sleep on a fold out foam chair bed on the study floor. Evil cat also likes to sleep on it. Every now and then she nudges and nudges and wriggles and snuggles until she is on the centre of the bed and I am on the floor. She is always very cross when I move her to get back on. I mean, what am I doing on HER bed! Poor old girl is sticking close to the radiator today. Though she has been out and disapproved of the snow. WS xxx